Golden Years

Session 1
The Start

It was a quiet morning in one of the Corleone family’s bars. The gang was put together by Luca Brasi and summoned to the Corleone family home. On their way there, they came across a protected bar being harassed by rival gangsters. “Fix it.” – said Brasi. And fix it they did. Five were killed. One was left alive and sent on his way with a message for his bosses but without his right hand.

At The Corleone House

The gang were honored to meet Don Vito Corleone. He had a special, delicate mission for them. The Corleones were expanding their operations to Las Vegas. And the gang were the ones chosen to make sure everything went smoothly. They were given plane tickets and a contact – Sammy Rossi, owner of the The Italian Gallon.

Going to Vegas

It was a smooth plane ride. There were some problems trying to check the gang’s luggage in, but a few dollars helped smooth things over.

Vegas, Baby!

The gang landed in Vegas, ready for anything. After taking in the sights, they went looking for the Gallon. This proved harder than they thought, since no cab driver had ever heard of the place and none of them had remembered to ask for an address back in NY. Eventually, they remembered the Gallon was somewhere in Far Northwest Vegas. Once there, they finally found someone who knew where the Gallon was.

The gang was less than pleased with what they found. Everyone from the backdoor bouncer to the bartender, to the assistant day shift manager knew who they were and they were doing there. It also took them forever to finally get a meeting with Rossi. They got keys to a pair of apartments and got themselves settled in.

Upon meeting Rossi, the gang was less than impressed. He looked like a somewhat senile old man. No one knew why Don Vito had such respect for the man. Nonetheless they went along and began making plans to help Rossi establish a proper power base. They also got their first mission: taking over another bar / gambling house: The Jackal’s Bottle ran by Rossi’s hated rival Morris.

Taking over the Jackal proved to be child’s play. After going as clients to get some recon done, the gang waited until “closing time” to sneak inside the place, beat up / kill the guards, and make Morris a final offer: work for Rossi and go on a desert joy ride. Morris chose life and the Jackal’s Bottle became the second establishment of Corleone Vegas.

The following days were spent establishing a power base. The gang decided that this was the single most important thing to take care of before expanding further out. They gathered up all of Rossi’s soldiers and gave them new orders. Some would guard the bars. The others would go around the neighborhood and spread the word. Things were about to change.

The gang also decided to find a new Headquarters. Both the Gallon and the Bottle were illegal establishments and trouble could arise if the cops ever raided them. They found a small family pizza joint – Manolo’s Pizza – and “convinced” the owner to play along.

With two gambling houses and an HQ, the gang decided to thicken the ranks and spent a couple of days rounding up the local hoodlums and either signing them up to join the organization or making examples out of them. This was the case with Ziggy, an unlucky mugger who was made into an example. The gang gave him a two day warning to clear out. When he refused, his corpse was dumped out of a car in the middle of the Strip. All but two of his fingers had been cut off…


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